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The master of the use of colour, empathy and humanity, turns his gaze to our most faithful travel companions. This is how “ANIMALS” was born. The exhibition arrives for the first time in Piemonte, at the ancient kitchens of the Stupinigi Hunting Lodge, as the fourth major photographic exhibition by Next Exhibition. The ANIMALS project was born in 1992 when Steve McCurry carried out a mission in the war territories of the Gulf to provide documentary evidence of the disastrous impact on the environment and on the fauna in the zones where the conflict took place. He came back from the Gulf with some of his most famous iconic images, such as the camels crossing the burning oil wells and migratory birds covered entirely with oil. With this reportage he won the prestigious World Press Photo in the same year. The prize was awarded by a very special jury, the Children Jury, made up of children from all countries. The animals on display were the protagonists of sixty iconic shots, which told the visitor the thousand stories of a daily life where man and animal are inextricably linked. The curator of the exhibition, Biba Giacchetti, says that “Animals invites us to reflect on the fact that we are not alone in this world, in the midst of all the living creatures around us. But above all she leaves a message for visitors: which is that, although human beings and animals share the same land, only we humans have the necessary power to defend and save the planet”.

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